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What brands are recommended for vape beginners

In this article, I would like to introduce recommended e-cigarette vape brands for beginners who would like to buy an e-cigarette but are not sure about the variety of e-cigarettes available.

I will tell you about them based on my own experience of actually smoking them, as well as considering the price so that beginners can easily afford them.


When a beginner smokes an e-cigarette, he or she often wonders, "What is the device, atomizer, liquid, etc.? In Frienbr STANDARD, all the necessary equipment for vape smoking is included.

There are brands of disposable e-cigarette vapes that are easier to use and do not even require you to take them out of the box and inject the liquid, but the liquid type is still the mainstream for e-cigarettes.

In this aspect, it is useful for beginners to have a standard one.

And THE Frienbr SHOP's liquid is made in Japan and is known for its safety. I think there are many people who hesitate to vape because they think, "Can a vape be harmful?" We have a separate article that gives you more information on this topic, so please refer to it if you are interested!

If you choose an e-cigarette with a too eccentric design for your first e-cigarette, you will often regret it later. It is good to be adventurous with your first e-cigarette, but if you smoke a fancy vape in a smoking area, etc., you are quite likely to feel the stares of others around you. LOL.

Therefore, we recommend that beginners purchase an e-cigarette with a simple design for their first vape. By the way, the Frienbr STANDARD comes in 6 different colors.

And since most of the designs are light-colored, they're very popular with the ladies, too!

However, it is of course okay to purchase an "aggressive e-cigarette" instead of a standard e-cigarette from the beginning. Choose the e-cigarette that best suits your needs and preferences!

jpvapor i-1600

JPvapor is one of the most active vape retailers in Japan, frequently renewing their website and changing their product lineup. The i-1600 is one of the most popular among beginners.

Compared to conventional standard products, it is small and quite stylish. It is a very user-friendly e-cigarette, as it is only slightly larger than a cigarette.

I thought, "Doesn't the small size mean it doesn't smoke as much?" "Doesn't the small size mean less smoke? The i-1600 is a small yet powerful e-cigarette with a strong flavor of liquid.

The i-1600 comes in three standard colors: black, silver, and white. Black is popular among men, white is popular among women, and silver is consistently popular among both men and women.

Incidentally, the starter set includes three bottles of liquid. Whether you are a beginner to e-cigarettes or already a vape user, the price is quite inexpensive and affordable at 4,980 yen!

The i-1600 is recommended for beginners who don't want a vape that is too big or who want a simple and stylish vape. Despite its compact size, it holds quite a bit of liquid and produces a large amount of smoke, making it an e-cigarette that gives you a strong sense of having smoked.

It is highly recommended for beginners, so please take a look at the STANDARD we have just introduced and the design you like.


C-Tec is made by China disposable vape manufacturers and characterized by its "low price" and "no need to change liquid," making it an especially easy e-cigarette for beginners to get their hands on.

Even if you have already purchased other types of e-cigarettes, the price is so low (2,300 yen) that you may casually buy one more to try it out!

As I mentioned earlier, the C-Tec starter kit is quite inexpensive at 2,300 yen. The "Vitabon" product, which is similarly inexpensive and does not require a liquid change, has been the talk of the town, but the Vitabon is disposable and does not have a recharging function, so the C-Tec is by far the better priced. The C-Tec is a great price for e-cigarette beginners!

When I told you that you don't need to change the liquid, I meant "no need to transfer the liquid form". (Just turn it off and put it back on.) The liquid is already in the cartridge.

The liquid is already included in the cartridge, so even beginners who have never changed the liquid can easily change the flavor.

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