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Where Are All the Great Men?

I received a darling note from a single Italian woman living in Texas. She wrote: “I appreciate all your information, but where are all the great successful single men?”

I wrote back, “In Italy”. (Of course:))

Then she requested I personally bring the great men to her and her friends.

Ahhhh. I would if I could.

But then what?

Because it really doesn’t matter where you find a Great Man if you don’t know what to do with him.

So the question becomes, “Are You a Great Woman?”

Often I hear women complaining, “There are no good men. All the great ones are taken.”

So as a woman, who are YOU when it comes to relationships?

What are your thoughts? What are your habits? And what are your beliefs?

If you’re thinking there are no Great Men out there, guess what?

You’re right.

There are NO Great Men.

If you think you attract jerks and nerds. Guess what? That’s exactly what you attract.

If you think all the Great Men are taken, you’re right. They are.

But if you think there ARE Great Single Men out there…You’re absolutely right!

Great Men are everywhere. They roam the planet. You’ll find them at the bank. Or at the drycleaners. Or at the grocery.

It’s possible to find Great Men in the most obscure, remote, unexpected and unlikely places.

And they come in surprising packages. (Not at all what you’d expect.)

I met my Great Man on a sailboat in the middle of the Mediterranean. He was a bartender. And he was 10 years younger. And he didn’t speak English (well). And he lived in Italy (when he wasn’t sailing around the world).

The odds of Lorenzo being my husband were about a zillion to one.

But here we are…over seven years later.

Not only did I find a Great Man, I knew what to do with him after we met. And that made ALL the difference.

So ask yourself, would you know a Great Man if you met him? And what would you do when you find him?

Remember…how you meet a man (within the first 30 seconds) can determine the success (or lack of success) in your next romantic relationship!

Before you start hunting the Great Men, you must be a Great Woman.

If you’re not a Great Woman, you won’t see him or know him. And you certainly won’t keep him.

If you’re not a Great Woman…you’ll keep doing the same thing you’re doing now…and you’ll keep attracting what you have now…

Which is: NO Great Men.

(If that’s okay with you, it’s okay with me.)

But if it isn’t…If you want a different result and are willing to take the risk, it’s time to take a new direction.

And the QUICKEST way to get started is with my 8-week Home Study CD Series: “Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Love Story” you can download at Loveawake dating site.

Here’s to your being a Great Woman to attract (and keep) the Great Men!

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