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3.8.2 GoTools Gateway


3.8.2 GoTools Gateway

GoTools is a C++ library targeting CAD, isogeometric modelling and big data modelling based on splines and elementary surfaces. The library includes univariate, bivariate and trivariate splines and is as far as we know the only spline library with this wide range of dimensionalities addressed.

GoTools uses its own internal formats known as g2 and g22. In order to support interoperability with external CAD tools, the GoTools Gateway implements converters to and from the STEP format (ISO 10303).

The GoTools Gateway uses Jotne's Express Data Manager™  (EDM):


GoTools innovation item


CAxMan deliverable D2.2: IGA based shape representation, initial version:
GoTools homepage
Link to GoTools source code on GitHub
SINTEF collection of geometric tools


Link to GoTools source code on GitHub

Additional Information

Originator: Oliver Barrowlough (SINTEF)
Technology Readiness Level: 4
Environment: 2 SaaS