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1.3 Tronrud Tool Box to improve 3D-printing


1.3 Tronrud Tool Box to improve 3D-printing

Software tools that reduces the required preparatory work of the AM Operator by combining and optimizing the process planning steps is as far as we know not available today. Software for prediction of printing results (with respect to stresses induced by the process) is not currently available. Combining the above into one common workflow will reduce production time significantly and ensure that the resulting printed part is within required specifications.

-Use of design tools to propose design changes to our clients
-Design of efficient support structures
-Offer manufacturing of online ordered parts,
-Process planning improvements to reduce production time.
-Documentation of the quality

Additional Information

Originator: Didrik Sørlie (Trondrud)
Technology Readiness Level: 1
Environment: 0 Market Place