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3.10 Dimensional Metrology Analysis


3.10 Dimensional Metrology Analysis

M3 ( is the Dimensional Metrology platform for high accuracy 3D Scanning and automatic pointcloud analysis to include dimensional information in the workflow of AM in order to control the process and to integrate quality control.

An integrated flow in CAXMan has been implemented, including:

1. M3 Product Modelling (Innovalia Metrology ®)
-to enrich GD&T (for Product Modelling)
-to enrich CAD model with dimensions and tolerances
-CAD model integration(export/import)

2 M3 Scanning (Innovalia Metrology ®)
-A tool to store big volumes of information/data, especially large pointclouds
-HW to scan the physical parts

3 M3 Analysis (Innovalia Metrology ®)
-M3 Tool for comparision of design and physical / real data (deviation map)
- M3 Tool for geometrical feature extraction and dimensional evaluation.
-Repository for communication of comparision of results

4 M3 Standards and reporting (Innovalia Metrology ®)
- Implementation of QIF 2 (Quality Information Framework) standard
- Implementation of annotated STL and PLY for deviation map
- Visualization enriched CAD with Dimensional Control Results
-Consulting GD&T definiton and interpretation
-M3 reporting for dimensional measurement and reporting (GD&T)


CaxMan D5.1 Requirements Metroloy in Additive Manufacturing
Measurement results of workpieces-components, comparison with nominal CAD-model. Stage 1
CaxMan D5.3 Re-design after measurement first version
CaxMan D5.4 - Measurement results of workpieces-components comparison with nominal CAD-model. Stage 2
M3 Webpage
Innovalia Metrology webpage


Demonstration Video

Additional Information

Originator: Toni Ventura (TRIMEK)
Technology Readiness Level: 6
Environment: 3 Consulting & Maintenance Service