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3.9 Iso Vol Viz


3.9 Iso Vol Viz

IsoVolViz is a GPU-based tool for real-time visual inspection of parametric tri-variate spline models and associated scalar fields. The spline representations currently supported are tri-variate tensor product B-splines and LR B-splines. However, any 3-variate spline representation that can be converted to a collection of tri-variate Bezier volumes can be supported provided a conversion service is implemented. IsoVolViz assumes that a GPU of sufficient capacity is available at the client used for the visualization. The compact spline representation exploits the computational performance of the GPU to provide real time volumetric visualization of scalar fields resulting from isogeometric analysis.
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Additional Information

Originator: Jon Hjelmervik (SINTEF)
Technology Readiness Level: 6
Environment: 2 SaaS