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3.4 Tessellation Service


3.4 Tessellation Service

The Tessellation Service is an asynchronous service inside the CAxMan infrastructure. It receives a geometry in a CAD file format via the Generic Storage Service (GSS) as an input parameter. CAD files in different formats contain a continuous representation of the boundary of a part. This representation is not suitable for direct visualization or cannot easily be processed for simulation applications. These applications require a tessellated output that the Tessellation Service can generate. During conversion the continuous representation if discretized, i.e. triangles are generated that approximate the part’s geometry. The result can be stored in different file formats and the output is stored locally such that it can be put to the desired storage location via the GSS.




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Originator: Christain Altenhofen (FRAUNHOFER)
Technology Readiness Level: 5
Environment: 2 SaaS