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3.3 Subdivision Modelling


3.3 Subdivision Modelling

Environment for geometric modelling of freeform and parametric subdivision models that allows creation of smooth surfaces and organic shapes, which are well suited for engineering parts as well as inner structures.

Subdivision Modelling provides an environment for interactive geometric modelling of subdivision models. Subdivision models are described by a discrete set of control points that define smooth geometry. Subdivision Modelling allows direct manipulation of these control points as well as parametric and automatic geometry modifications. It also provides automatic generation of inner structures for a given CAD surface model for additive manufacturing. Inner structures and cavities represented by subdivision geometry are smooth and organic and are therefore easy to print without support on modern 3D printing machines.

See Sample Images below:


CaxMan D2.2 Initial IGA Based Shape Representation (section 4.6)
CaxMan D2.4 Shape Representation for Additive Manufacturing (section 5)
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Additional Information

Originator: Christian Altenhofen (FRAUNHOFER)
Technology Readiness Level: 7
Environment: 2 SaaS