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5 Standardization of additive manufacturing data representation


5 Standardization of additive manufacturing data representation

Data interoperability is a major condition of the industrial success of the CAxMan infrastructure platform. It allows replacing existing applications with only little effort and plugging new applications into the platform more easily. Standardized data formats are the key to data interoperability. For engineering data including additive manufacturing, the project identified the ISO 10303-242 standard of ISO/TC 184/SC 4, “Industrial data”, to be instrumental.

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o          The “Item TRL”: ISO 10303-242 edition1 is an international standard and can be purchased at . Edition 2, which includes and integrates additive manufacturing will become available from ISO by mid-2019.
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Originator: Jochen Haenisch (JOTNE)
Technology Readiness Level: 8
Environment: 5 Contribution to Standards